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    Dragons of Time - Athlore
    The Second Age
    Description Host Port Emulator
    1998 to 2002 UO! The Best Free Authentic Old School Classic Sphere Ultima Online Server ever created! Since 1999 Where OLD school, its the ONLY school...FREE FULL STATS! SO NO MACROING NEEDED! RELIVE THE MEMORIES! Oldest Free Server in the World! 20+ YEARS ONLINE... JUST LOG ON AND PLAY!
    REAL 0.51a !!! 7777 Sphere
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    UO Nelderim: Aderthand
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Serwer Nelderim: Aderthand jest trzecią odsłoną kultowego klimatycznego (Role-play) shardu Ultimy Online Nelderim osadzonym w świecie fantasy. Kontynuuje historię i tradycje pierwszej odsłony Nelderim opierając się o nową, ciekawą linię fabularną zmieniającą bieg wydarzeń.

    Nelderim: Aderthand posiada unikalną, niepowtarzalną autorską mapę, która była wykorzystywana podczas pierwszej edycji tego shardu, wzbogaconą o nowe lokacje, lochy oraz budynki.

    Nasz serwer obsługuje standardowy klient Ultimy, oraz nowy rozwijany na bieżąco oraz stale modyfikowany ClassicUO, posiadający unikalny, odświeżony interface oraz umożliwiający rozgrywkę nawet w 250 FPS (klatkach na sekundę)

    Na naszym serwerze każda postać może osiągnąć skillcap 720 (100-120 na umiejętność) oraz statcap 250 (125 na jedną statystykę). Ponadto system przyrostu umiejętności jest na tyle szybki by dawać satysfakcję i wyraźne przyrosty podczas wypraw jak i na tyle długi w końcowej fazie aby osiągniecie 120 danej umiejętności było znaczące. Dodatkowo każda postać raz dziennie może wykorzystać przypisane do niej Power Hour (godzina dwukrotnie szybszego przyrostu umiejętności), które resetuje sie każdego dnia o północy.

    Stały online: 13-25

    Ekipa, która prężnie pracuje, by serwer z każdym dniem stawał się lepszy!

    Częste eventy!!

    Customowa mapa, customowe mechaniki, customowe pety oraz wiele wiele innych!

    Obecny patch AoS + ML, ale podnosimy wersję silnika RunUO, by grać na najwyższych patchach! 2593 RunUO
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    Have Hands Shard
    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    -The Shard is fully customized!

    -The Map is much smaller than the original (about 30%), PVP can happen anywhere!

    -At the first access get a SkillBox where you can choose your template from the menu bringing 7 skills to 120 for a total cap of 840 points.

    -The stat you can bring them to the maximum immediately, each character will receive in his bank a sufficient number of Stat Boxes to select the stats to create his own template.
    Single Stat Cap 125
    Total Stats Cap 250

    -In addition you get all the Spellbooks already completed and the Cinture Of God (100% LRC - Night Sight).

    -On the Shard there is an Auction System that allows you to sell or buy items that any player in the world will decide to put up for sale, this system is a great revolution because it makes the classic vendors obsolete and allows you to browse all the items through a convenient menu.

    -A TimeCoin earning system is also active, which are earned for every minute online, with these Time coins it is possible to buy Special Rewards.

    -A Bank Check
    worth 50,000 gold coins.

    All players will be equal there will be no rare items that will help defeat the opponent, the only difference will be the use of their hands! ABSOLUTELY NO PAYMENT TO WIN !!!

    Do you have hands? 2593 ServUO
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    Shardcore UO
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    ServUO Latest, and that's that. We're just a couple of gamers who wanted a place to play UO so we made our own home. Located on the east coast USA. 2593 ServUO
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    Ye Olde Sphere
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Ye Olde Sphere is an effort to wind back the clock and re-visit the 2000 – 2004 era while using the modern Sphere X emulator. Focused on accurate scripts for standard UO features, community, and longevity. Breathe life into a new adventure with old friends and new ones alike. 2594 Sphere
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    Legend of UO
    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Forget everything you know!

    Free from bodist systems, no mount pvpsi. We are trying to present a fair server consisting of only 2 people in the management staff. Unlike other servers, we do not have a pay to win system. Only animal taming is practiced in the working area, other than that, as in the original Ultima Online, players need to hone their skills on their own. We are waiting for you among the legends.

    Discord: Join the Legend of UO Discord Server!

    Game Features:

    All players receive items from creatures depending on their luck (luck) and the strength of the creature. If they slay powerful creatures with a high chance, they will get much better items.

    There are 7 champions on our server, including 6 champions and 1 big champion activated with their heads.

    There is a playable artifact system on our server.

    AOS Feature Limits

    Feature Limit
    Faster Casting 2 (Chivalry = 4)
    Cast Recovery (Waiting between spells) 6
    Spell Damage Increase 15% (max)
    Lower Mana Cost (Low mana reading spells) 40%
    Damage Increase 100%
    Hit Chance Increase 45%
    Defense Chance Increase 45%
    Swing Speed 1.25 seconds
    Reflect Physical Damage 100%
    Enhance Potions 50% (adds to +30% for 100 Alchemy)
    Self Bandage Pressing Speed 2 seconds (minimum)
    Bandage Press Speed to Another Player 3 seconds (fixed)
    Bandage Pressing Speed to Your Animal 2 seconds (fixed)
    Bandage Pressing Distance to Your Animal 2 square

    General features

    Property Value
    Game screen (client) that can be opened per IP address Unlimited
    3 days for animals to be bonded
    Kill drop time 12 hours
    Insurance fee for an item is 1200 gold (2x the original)
    Guild formation fee 500,000 gold
    Family start-up fee 500,000 gold
    City vendors prices Original + City Administration Tax
    Items players can sell to vendors Nothing can be sold
    Can a house be built near the Britain bridge? No, it will be reserved for action guilds later
    House prices 3 times the original
    Mounts that can be mounted by lowering abilities No mounts can be mounted
    The amount of money falling on the corpses gives the original
    Tailoring/Blacksmith cash prizes No prize money
    Market System Active

    Ability and Stat Limits

    Feature Limit
    Stat Total 225 (250 with Stat PS)
    Ability (Skill) Total 700
    The maximum value of each skill is 120

    Guild System
    Arena System
    Artifact System
    Market System
    Cursing System
    Luck System
    Family System
    Wall System

    There is a special mount on the server.

    When using a command, add [ or . you should bring

    You can use the following commands on our server:

    Machine Features:
    Intel(R) CPU X5670 @ 2.93GHz
    Ram 4GB

    Port: 2593
    Website: Legend of UO
    Emulator: RunUO 2593 RunUO
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    Age of Britannia
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Logon server: Port 2593

    Website -

    PVM, PVE, PVP, PK, RP, No skill cap, 350 Stat Cap, 2/6 Casting, Custom Content, Shard Custom Monsters, Custom Maps, New Quests, New Tameables, Anti Res Kill (optional), The First Character On Each Account Gets a 5 x Grandmaster Skillball, Three Accounts per IP, Two Houses per account, Kudos Online Loyalty Rewards, Achievement System, Auto Events, CTF PVP, Solo Events, Slime Deathamatch, Staffed Events, Auto Town Invasion System, PVP ARENAS, YARD WANDS more in development see discord or news section for recent updates. 2593 ServUO
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    UOX3 Test Shard
    Third Dawn
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Public test shard for UOX3 - Ultima Offline eXperiment 3 2593 UOX3
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Current UO experience running the Client. Pick up our custom hue.mul from our website.

    Too many custom systems to list but here are some. OWLTR but we added uber resources above them. Mithril Ingots, Veilwalker leather, and Elven wood boards. Enhanced mob system in three levels, red, blue, and gold. Each level is harder. Tougher challenge greater reward. Physical and magical force shields that are questable to protect yourself with. Much more check out the website.

    UOKIngdom website 2593 ServUO
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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Family-friendly shard [NO PK] [PVM ONLY] with massive amounts of custom content, Committed staff, Exceptionally stable server - [No skill cap, multiple houses, staff and player events, new quests, 5 types of BODs, animal breeding, bioengineering, etc] 2593 ServUO
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    UO Moons
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Custom Pub 15 Era Shard with Custom map. Come and join the real fun of killing/stealing/and all above. 2593 UOX3
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    Angel Island
    Description Host Port Emulator
    | Felucca Only | Smart NPCs | Townships | Kin Factions | Bounty System | Boating & Pirating | Balanced buyback system | Magic Equipment Crafting | Dragon Breeding | Plant System | Slayer & Summoner Templates | Player Run Tournaments | Player Run Quest | Champion Spawns 2593 RunUO
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    UODarwinism Reborn
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    UO Darwinism Reborn[TOL][] US Central Based Shard with piping fast internet! No skill caps, 450 Stat Cap, Fast gains, Custom Cities, Custom Dungeons, Custom Items, Custom Quests, Custom crafting, Druid/Cleric Spells, Animal Breeding, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, and All Facets fully spawned. UODarwinism Reborn is currently running the latest version of ServUO(09/22/2021). 2593 ServUO
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    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Benvenuto su Supremacy!
    Se sei un veterano di Ultima online di sicuro passerai subito oltre per cominciare le tue avventure all’interno del mondo di Sosaria.
    Se invece sei un giocatore nuovo preparati ad immergerti in un gioco che ti permette di recitare la parte del tuo personaggio in maniera libera e creativa, a patto di non entrare in contrasto col regolamento del gioco.
    Potrai essere un crudele e spietato Elfo Oscuro, più facilmente chiamato Drow, oppure un elfo pacifico e dedito ad adorare la natura.
    Potrai scegliere se essere un combattente come un arciere o un guerriero oppure concentrarti sulle arti magiche diventando un potente mago.
    Potrai anche scegliere, qualora non ti attirasse la vita avventurosa, di scegliere una classe lavoratrice come il sarto, il fabbro o il lavoratore del legno.
    Ultima Online si basa sulla fantasia e sulle trame che gli stessi giocatori creano attorno a se e con gli altri dando vita ad un mondo in continuo mutamento a seconda delle scelte dei giocatori stessi.
    Ricodiamoci tutti solo di seguire le regole etiche di base e di non offendere o ledere il gioco altrui in qualsiasi modo. Ogni forma di insulto o di violazione al regolamento verrà punito in base alla gravità della situazione.
    Detto questo auguriamo a tutti un sereno gioco a tutti nel mondo di Supremacy! 2593 ServUO
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    Merle's Welt
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Are you ready to discover a fully customized PvM shard with 7 facets?
    Nicely decorated with no skillcap and stats raised by 100 each.

    A lot of nice and hard custom Quests, evoGears, evoWeapons and evoPets.
    A good mixture of known osi and totally new game-play.

    Unique use of skills as tracking for multitargeting and area damage, tactics for faster attacks and so on.

    Use your enhanced crafting skills (up to 160) to boost your gears, weapons and pets.
    Craft your own arrows and bolts for more effective ammunition.

    With the click of a button or the text, you will be able to have a translation of the chat and the questtext. This will help you to understand anyone and anything on this wonderfully decorated shard. 2593 ServUO
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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Wendelwelt is a german Ultima Online freeshard, so you can play Ultima Online, one of the most functionally comprehensive online role-playing games (MMORPGs), completely for free.

    Technically, Wendelwelt is an Ultima Online RPG AOS server and includes selected features from SE and Mondains Legacy.

    Wendelwelt ist ein Ultima Online Freeshard, man kann hier also völlig kostenlos Ultima Online spielen, eines der funktionell umfangreichsten Online-Rollenspiele (MMORPGs).
    Fachlich ist die Wendelwelt ein Ultima Online RPG AOS Server und beinhaltet ausgewählte Features aus SE und Mondains Legacy. 2593 RunUO
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    700 Skillcap, 225 Statcap (720\260). Endless Journey. OSI Publish 110+. Over 900 achievements. 2D Classic Client 7.0.90+, 3D Enhanced Client 4.0.90+. Our server runs on powerful dedicated hardware (Xeon E5-2650v4 12 Cores, 20GB DDR4 ECC, SSD RAID, 1GB/s): Uptime over 99%.

    Shard mode: PVP-oriented (no Trammel ruleset) OSI-style with some minor custom modifications, active PVE and PVM, RP encouraged but not obligatory. Automatic events. A lot of players from different countries. International and multilingual. Custom RunUO with more than 1700+ updates and bug fixes for the last 11 years.

    ██░░░█░░░░░ SINCE 2010 ░░░░░█░░░██ 2593 RunUO
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    UO Vice & Virtue
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Come one...
    Come all...
    Step inside the UO world of Vice & Virtue.
    This is a custom shard with an old school playing style that has the added features of all the expansions running thru High Seas.
    There is much to do, in ways of champs and quests and for those that enjoy PVM the dungeons are open and the hoards await.
    For those that prefer a little PVP action, killers and thieves await those brave enough to enter the gates leading to Felucca.
    For those that dream of a life outside of the warrior class, there is still much to achieve for the creative mind.
    From the blacksmith's forge to the baker's ovens. From the tinker's workshop to the tailor's loom.
    Those trained in a trade skill shall never go hungry and the miners and lumberjacks will remain busy as bees gathering the custom resources.
    There is also much to see as many of the Cities have been reconstructed to coincide with the storyline.
    All in all this shard was designed by UO veterans that simply love the game.
    Okay maybe some of us are a little obsessed, considering we've been playing this game since the days of old or what some call the 90's.
    So we created something that we wanted to play.
    A world where everyone can advance and prosper thru hard work.
    While we do reward donations, this is by no means a pay to play shard.
    We want people to have fun and every member of the community can achieve both fame and fortune if they're willing to grind for it.

    For inquiring minds we do have a Skillcap of 700 and a Statcap of 300.
    One account per IP and up to three houses per account, the two extra houses come thru vet rewards or you can rent a place if you're not ready for a forever home.
    We offer Imbuing and Mysticism and a variety of Combat Magery books and oh so much much more.

    So please join us on this first step of our journey.
    And no matter what path you may take.
    No matter what hardships that may befall you.
    No matter what enemies that may grieve you.
    Above all else, please, try to always remember to have fun. 2593 ServUO
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    Description Host Port Emulator
    Hello We re a newborn family with tones of customs come and let us share our fun :D
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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Demise began its life in September '04 and, as part of the UOGamers family, quickly grew to a popular shard. Formerly the flagship development shard of the RunUO Software Team, last released publicly in 2013, it has since undergone a paradigm shift exceeding all expectations as a standalone shard.

    Over the years, Demise has built one of the strongest, most supportive gameplay communities, alongside an unparalleled level of reliability and uptime. With so much love and fondness for Demise, from both players and the staff team, the future looks bright!

    Demise strives to retain the core gameplay of a Mondain's Legacy era shard, with a few added extras. Come and explore the endless possibilities, from dungeon Doom to crafting to PvP to Peerless and much more! Join our community to keep up with the latest news, make new friends and you will no doubt feel right at home. With an established staff team and year-round events, entertainment is guaranteed! 2593 RunUO

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