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    UO Renaissance
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Renaissance is the only shard committed to making a balanced reproduction of the UO:R era. Unmatched Quality / No AFK Gathering / No Donation Shop / Fantastic Economy / Automated Events / Amazing Website. / 500+ Online / Come experience UO the way you remember it. 2593 RunUO
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    UO Evolution - Ultima Online Free Shard
    Description Host Port Emulator
    [AOS/ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 10 years! Over 750+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons, Mature & Experienced Staff, Friendly Community 2593 RunUO
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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Demise began its life in September '04 and, as part of the UOGamers family, quickly grew to a popular shard. Formerly the flagship development shard of the RunUO Software Team, last released publicly in 2013, it has since undergone a paradigm shift exceeding all expectations as a standalone shard.

    Over the years, Demise has built one of the strongest, most supportive gameplay communities, alongside an unparalleled level of reliability and uptime. With so much love and fondness for Demise, from both players and the staff team, the future looks bright!

    Demise strives to retain the core gameplay of a Mondain's Legacy era shard, with a few added extras. Come and explore the endless possibilities, from dungeon Doom to crafting to PvP to Peerless and much more! Join our community to keep up with the latest news, make new friends and you will no doubt feel right at home. With an established staff team and year-round events, entertainment is guaranteed! 2593 RunUO
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    UO Excelsior Shard
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Since 2006, friendly players & great staff with professional approach. Balanced economy and drop rates. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!​ 2593 RunUO
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    700 Skillcap, 225 Statcap (720\260). Endless Journey. OSI Publish 110+. Over 900 achievements. 2D Classic Client 7.0.90+, 3D Enhanced Client 4.0.90+. Our server runs on powerful dedicated hardware (Xeon E5-2650v4 12 Cores, 20GB DDR4 ECC, SSD RAID, 1GB/s): Uptime over 99%.

    Shard mode: PVP-oriented (no Trammel ruleset) OSI-style with some minor custom modifications, active PVE and PVM, RP encouraged but not obligatory. Automatic events. A lot of players from different countries. International and multilingual. Custom RunUO with more than 1700+ updates and bug fixes for the last 11 years.

    ██░░░█░░░░░ SINCE 2010 ░░░░░█░░░██ 2593 RunUO
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    The nostalgia of Ultima Online with the quality of life enhancements of modern day UO.
    We are an era accurate server of the most modern OSI servers, with our own customizations to enhance gameplay and the PvE experience.

    Join here:

    The goal, a full bodied adventure for all players that lasts, with endless content! We want you to feel like the "End game" is limitless; this has allowed us to do just that! Best of all... It is free to play!

    The ONLY modern PvE UO server (with consensual pvp)
    Tired of being ganked while mining after a relaxing day? With consensual PvP only, you will be able to decide when and if you want to engage in pvp.

    Our focus at UOAlive is PvE and RP centric so you will have an expansive world to explore for months, with player and GM run events to fill the gaps!

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    An Corp Free Shard
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Sphere UO:ML
    Only Felluca and Malas;
    2 accounts per IP & 2 houses/ships per account (familys are welcome);
    NO pre-cast (LoS active), NO Skillcap (fast gains), NO Statscap (300 starting, ~500 max);
    Balanced PvP and PvM;
    Tamer and Crafter friendly.

    Unique systems:
    • Meteor monsters/air drop
    • Free PvP Arenas [1x1, 2x2...10x10]
    • Custom Houses
    • Power Orbs
    • Guild of Day
    • Talisman Pet
    • Raids of Sacrifice (party dungeons)
    • Heart of Prisma with special dye...
    • and much more, check:;
    Active and growing community (2+ years old) with +60 simultaneous players. Mature & Experienced (+12 years) Staff.
    A lot of events, tournaments and quests.

    New account: 2593 Sphere
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    Stygian Abyss
    Description Host Port Emulator
    UODreams is one of the first historical OSI Style Shard that was born in Italy, one of the best European shard of the 2003-2007 age's. The shard has always been up over the years and
    it has never been reset.
    It still has a good PVM experience and PVP dynamics with stable events created by the staff, monthly quest events and continuous development on expansion deployments.

    Record: 933 on 22/03/2005 at 10:00pm

    Uptime: 23 May 2003

    Running Stygian Abyss Expansion with OSI Dynamic 2593 RunUO
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    Nostalgia Free Shard
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Brazilian Sphere Free Shard 2593 Sphere
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    KowLoon Land
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    The server is from 5000 years old China, located in Shanghai.
    We were established in January 2015, with a free server, version, staying in the world of the highest version of humans and elves, constantly updating and digging deeper into the game, and no longer launching new races. We have upgraded the weapons and equipment of humans and elves. Nine dragons and dragon ball systems are our characteristics. The strongest BOSS and constantly upgraded pets are constantly appearing, allowing you to have a good time! Balanced PVP equipment, reasonable PK environment, make your PVP more cool! 2593 RunUO
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    UO Heritage
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Up to date with modern UO. All expansions with a balanced economy. All stat and skill caps equal current UO stat and skill caps.

    We support ClassicUO, Orion, the EC, and original client.

    Online for over 5 years.

    Join our UO community today! 2593 ServUO
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    Legends of Sosaria
    Description Host Port Emulator
    • No Skill Cap
    • 300 Starting Stat Cap (500 possible with scrolls)
    • New Player Dungeon, Quests, Champ & Power Hour Cloak (Available until 30 days Account Age)
    • Custom Clothing, Weapon, Graphics & Hairstyles
    • Weapon Leveling & Imbuable Clothing
    • Custom Arti Systems (Tier 3 Tokuno, Relics of Ter Mur trade in system, Legendary Spawn and Artifact Drops)
    • Ten levels of T-Maps (Custom drops for T-Map and SOS chests)
    • Custom Resources and Runics
    • 12 types of BoDs
    • Seasonal & Custom Quests
    • Customized Player Vendors, Achievements, & Veteran Rewards
    • Custom Facet - Isle of Eacotura (Complete with custom Spawn, Tamables & Quests)
    • LOTS of deco & SO MUCH MORE!
    • Download our Custom Client & Play for Free! 2593 ServUO
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    The Golden Age
    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Let your hopes, dreams, and desires live, breathe, and die in the light. For the shadows are merely the absence of and can not exist without.
    Experience the retelling of The Age Of Shadows with all its splendor, and more.

    Professional developers, a dedicated server, and an unfettered economy.
    • 700 Skill Cap
    • 300 Stat Cap
    • (2) Accounts Per Person
    • Accelerated Skill Gain 2593 RunUO
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    Medieval Legends
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Medieval Legends is open and looking for players! This is a PvPvE shard that's brand new! We pride ourselves in bringing old school and new elements together.
    Some of our features include:
    - Custom champ spawns
    - A rewarding and challenging achievement system with item rewards
    - Dozens of custom quests
    - Custom mobs
    - Custom pets
    - Unique events and event systems
    - Town invasions
    - Active staff
    - Active, helpful Discord server
    - And so much more!

    - 1 account per IP
    - One house per IP, up to two after a quest
    - 1200 skill cap, 350 stat cap
    - Bank bells, player travel books, and more as quest rewards.
    - Several new player quests

    Join us here: 2593 ServUO
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    Dark Forest
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    This is a custom shard with a little something for everyone.
    We are a deeply customized free shard. We don't just plug in
    premade systems, we make our own. PVP & PVM/PVE as well a
    custom crafting system made from scratch coming soon. 2
    accts/IP, 3 houses per acct, all houses are ageless.
    450 stat cap, 250 individual cap. We accept All types of
    players in the Dark Forest. So come take a walk in the Dark
    & see what lurks. 2593 ServUO
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    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Medieval Grimdark Role-Playing 2593 RunUO
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    PvP Quest World
    Description Host Port Emulator
    UO PvP Quest World shard

    Brought to you by legendary folks from the old-fashioned, our beloved PVP-alfa shard.

    Warning! Beware hardcore PVP and PVE players!

    Ultima Online client version 2.0.3
    Server language: English, Russian

    - Powered by Orion, Injection, Razor, ClassicUO.
    - 6 races: Human, Berserker, Amazon, Vampire, Paladin, Necromancer.
    - Massive PVP events.
    - Skill progressive system, dynamic loot, new abilities and hardcore teamplay combo.
    - Playtime rewards.
    - Interesting PVE (rare creatures taming, dynamic dungeons, bosses, rare items and artefacts, treasures etc.) and crafting system.

    Trading is allowed on the server. E.g. 1 TM point price is $35 to sell. You can farm and sell your stuff for real money!

    Learn more
    Submit for battle now

    Enjoy playing among the best of the best UO players.

    UO PvP Quest World shard 2593 Sphere
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    Immortal Realms
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Recent Time Of Legends Expansion with tons of custom content. Evos, Mercenary's, Squires. PVP in Felucca. PVM friendly. Tamer friendly .Crafter friendly. No skills cap all can reach 150 Via Power Scrolls further with skill bonuses, Stats Cap At 900 Raw, 1000 each with Bonuses. Skills And Stats Gain Quick. Level requirements to various levels once 500 then you can wear all items. 2593 ServUO
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    Ultima Reforged
    High Seas
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Tired of outdated UO Servers from 1997?
    Sure, T2A and Renn are great, but how about ML, AoS, HS, SA, SE, TOL, and all the current content on the retail servers. Quality of Life changes including the loot bag and ledger. Daily Town invasions. Helpful and friendly (and active) staff. Helpful players to point you in the right direction. New pets and new mounts have just been introduced.

    1200 skill, 300 stat
    Join us on Reforged! Port 2593 2593 ServUO
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    White Tiger
    Stygian Abyss
    Description Host Port Emulator
    We have PVM & PVP in Felucca.There are 2 accounts per IP & 2 houses per account. We do family accounts as well. There are No Skill Caps & the Stat Cap is 450. Evo Pets KP's & 16 EP's, Evo Armor & Weapons For Humans/Gargoyles, Bio Pets & Rainbow Mounts, Power, Crafting & Skill Scrolls up to 150. With tons of Mobs, Tons of Tamables, Special Quests, and tons of custom deco; we have something for everyone. Log 2593 ServUO

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