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    !!! Insane UO !!!
    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Embrace the Insanity

    Experience Ultima Online in a whole new way! Insane UO is a modern UO server with amazing quality of life improvements, as well as new systems to enhance gameplay even more. Our focus is to get you up and running as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the content you love! We'll be constantly adding new end-game content and we have both PvE and consensual PvP to fit your playstyle.

    Best of all, it's Free to Play, not Pay to Win!

    Check us out today: 2593 ServUO
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    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    The nostalgia of Ultima Online with the quality of life enhancements of modern day UO.

    We are an era accurate server of the most modern OSI servers, with our own customizations to enhance gameplay and the PvE experience.

    Join here:

    The goal, a full bodied adventure for all players that lasts, with endless content! We want you to feel like the "End game" is limitless; this has allowed us to do just that! Best of all... It is free to play!

    The ONLY modern PvE UO server (with consensual pvp)
    Tired of being ganked while mining after a relaxing day? With consensual PvP only, you will be able to decide when and if you want to engage in pvp.

    Our focus at UOAlive is PvE and RP centric so you will have an expansive world to explore for months, with player and GM run events to fill the gaps!

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    Age of Britannia
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Logon server: Port 2593

    Website -

    PVM, PVE, PVP, PK, RP, No skill cap, 350 Stat Cap, 2/6 Casting, Custom Content, Shard Custom Monsters, Custom Maps, New Quests, New Tameables, Anti Res Kill (optional), The First Character On Each Account Gets a 5 x Grandmaster Skillball, Three Accounts per IP, Two Houses per account, Kudos Online Loyalty Rewards, Achievement System, Auto Events, CTF PVP, Solo Events, Slime Deathamatch, Staffed Events, Auto Town Invasion System, PVP ARENAS, YARD WANDS more in development see discord or news section for recent updates. 2593 ServUO
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    Akara Essex
    Description Host Port Emulator
    • NO Dangerous PVP - Safe Place for Roleplayers - Crafters
    • PVP Only in Designated Arenas and Areas So you will not be caught off guard
    • Roleplaying Crafting Encouraged
    • Crafters LEVEL without Need to Fight Monsters
    • Our Own Monster Spirit System PVM here is Extremely Unique and Rewarding
    • Online Since 2003 - One of the Oldest Continually Running Shards.
    • Unique Leveling System Your Characters - Pets - Everything Levels
    • Custom Map in Felucca All other OSI Maps-Quests-SOS Treasure Hunts Spawned
    • Evo Dragons-Evolution Mounts and Armor/Weapons
    • Customized ML Era With SA HS Added Great Customizations to Gameplay
    • Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers
    • Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools/Sewing Kits
    • Sphynx/Elemental/Cow/Skeletal Dragon Mounts
    • Our Own Leveling Pets Clothing Armor/Jewelry/Weapons System
    • Our Own Unique Crop fields and Farmable Spawns
    • OSI and Custom Quests
    • Powerful Runespell System Only Found on Akara Gained from Our Champion Spawns
    • Friendly Educated and Mature Staff
    • Too Much to List Everything Here. Come login and see what it's all about. Auto Account Creation
    • uoessex.servegame.gom port 2593 2593 ServUO
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    An Corp Free Shard
    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Sphere UO:ML
    Only Felluca and Malas;
    2 accounts per IP & 2 houses/ships per account (families are welcome);
    NO pre-cast (LoS active), NO Skillcap (fast gains), NO Statscap (300 starting, ~500 max);
    Balanced PvP and PvM;
    Tamer and Crafter friendly.

    Unique systems:
    • Meteor monsters/air drop
    • Free PvP Arenas [1x1, 2x2...10x10]
    • Custom Houses
    • Power Orbs
    • Guild of Day
    • Talisman Pet
    • Raids of Sacrifice (party dungeons)
    • Heart of Prisma with special dye...
    • and much more, check:;
    Active and growing community (2+ years old) with +60 simultaneous players. Mature & Experienced (+12 years) Staff.
    A lot of events, tournaments and quests on a daily (or weekly) basis.

    New account: 2593 Sphere
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    Angel Island
    Description Host Port Emulator
    | Felucca Only | Smart NPCs | Townships | Kin Factions | Bounty System | Boating & Pirating | Balanced buyback system | Magic Equipment Crafting | Dragon Breeding | Plant System | Slayer & Summoner Templates | Player Run Tournaments | Player Run Quest | Champion Spawns 2593 RunUO
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    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Un shard futuriste dans une monde où la technologie a été prohibée mais existe...
    A futuristic shard where technology is forbidden but does exist. 2793 RunUO
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    Confictura: Legend & Adventure
    Description Host Port Emulator

    onfictura: Legend & Adventure​

    A people-first roleplaying shard.
    Come and leave your mark in a fantastic world.
    No donation rewards, no donation link, no pay to win features.
    A shard for true adventurers!
    Custom client files required to play are available on our website!
    • 1000 point skill cap standard start with alternate starting options available
    • 33 categories of non-human playable races with their own bonuses and drawbacks
    • 9 lands to unlock and over 100 dungeons to explore
    • All skills are useful and custom skills available
    • Build in and around premade and custom houses using Remodeling Tools and Lawn Tools
    • 12 new variants of "magic" to learn or unlock
    • Hundreds of artifacts and other treasures to find, including weapons, armor, clothing, trinkets, and other rarities
    • Intricate quests that take you on dungeon delves across all 9 lands for splendid rewards
    • Comprehensive in-game Help Menu and Info Menu available on your Paperdoll
    • No wiki, just talk to any NPC within the game world to learn how things work 4506 RunUO
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    The Second Age
    Description Host Port Emulator
    CryptoUO is based on the popular free shard Santiago/Mythik using blockchain technology.

    Players actively stake CryptoUO Coin while playing, every item has a real world value, players can Withdraw, Deposit or spend their CryptoUO in-game or trade on an exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Etc. 2593 Sphere
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    Dark Desires
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Enter a realm where dragons reign supreme, and dark wizards unleash deadly curses upon unsuspecting travelers. Dark Desire is a perilous journey into a time when danger lurked around every corner, and death was always one misstep away. Whether you're braving treacherous dungeons or engaging in fierce PvP battles, this shard will transport you to a world where survival is not guaranteed, and the price of failure is steep. 2593 ServUO
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    Dark Forest
    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    This is a custom shard with a little something for everyone.
    We are a deeply customized free shard. We don't just plug in
    premade systems, we make our own. PVP & PVM/PVE as well a
    custom crafting system made from scratch coming soon. 2
    accts/IP, 3 houses per acct, all houses are ageless.
    450 stat cap, 250 individual cap. We accept All types of
    players in the Dark Forest. So come take a walk in the Dark
    & see what lurks.

    NEW IP: , port 2593 2593 ServUO
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    Custom (Classic)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    DawnUO offers a unique experience with the familiar classic feel of pre-AOS mechanics. We cater to players looking for a more rewarding, long term MMO experience. Each region has been meticulously hand spawned with random boss encounters and Easter egg type items scattered across the map. Many of our founders were role players and our rich, in depth content reflects this. Everything is harder here. Where most games have went the way of instant gratification, we have went the opposite direction. Giants hit like giants and skill gains are progressively harder past 50. You have to crawl before you can walk and useful, rewarding content is available at all skill levels. 2593 RunUO
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    Mondain's Legacy
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Demise began its life in September '04 and, as part of the UOGamers family, quickly grew to a popular shard. Formerly the flagship development shard of the RunUO Software Team, last released publicly in 2013, it has since undergone a paradigm shift exceeding all expectations as a standalone shard.

    Over the years, Demise has built one of the strongest, most supportive gameplay communities, alongside an unparalleled level of reliability and uptime. With so much love and fondness for Demise, from both players and the staff team, the future looks bright!

    Demise strives to retain the core gameplay of a Mondain's Legacy era shard, with a few added extras. Come and explore the endless possibilities, from dungeon Doom to crafting to PvP to Peerless and much more! Join our community to keep up with the latest news, make new friends and you will no doubt feel right at home. With an established staff team and year-round events, entertainment is guaranteed! 2593 RunUO
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    Distant Land
    Third Dawn
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Distant Land is a living Breathing world, With new monsters new art work,and new races new type of game play. we strive to bring something that has not been done over the 25 years to UO a style that fits what we are after. You earn everything nothing is handed down. So come join a magical world that has fun and adventure in every corner, come check out Distant Land Today. 2593 UOX3
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    Dragons of Time - Athlore
    The Second Age
    Description Host Port Emulator
    1998 to 2002 UO! The Best Free Authentic Old School Classic Sphere Ultima Online Server ever created! Since 1999 Where OLD school, its the ONLY school...FREE FULL STATS! SO NO MACROING NEEDED! RELIVE THE MEMORIES! Oldest Free Server in the World! 20+ YEARS ONLINE... JUST LOG ON AND PLAY!
    REAL 0.51a !!! 7777 Sphere
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    Europa Legends
    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Europa Legends AOS Publish 25 Is Now Live, OSI Clone, 720 Skill Cap, Fast Skill Gain, Felucca Only, European Dedicated Host, Discord Chat Details On Website. So Check Us Out, You Wont Be Disappointed !!! 2593 RunUO
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    Fearless Ambition
    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Some of our features - (more to be added)
    We have two Ips -

    Two houses, including a customizable plot the size of a castle or keep.

    Training Room for those that wish to use it.

    Powerscrolls drop on all facets.

    20+ different Evo pets.

    New crafting systems.

    One new dungeon to start. (more will follow as our player base grows)

    Accelerated stat / skill gain.

    One account - ( another can be requested).

    The most recent client.

    Maybe a few bugs that we will calll "hidden features" =) 2593 ServUO
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    Guthram Online
    Time of Legends
    Description Host Port Emulator
    Guthram Online is a community shard with old friends from the old days, sitting around, having fun. We were made for new and young players alike. Very OSI like, we are running the latest client and version of ServUO. We do not have a skill cap. We have a stat cap of 125 per stat. We have some custom craftable items and more are on their way along with new systems. We are currently in active development as we play, but downtime is minimal. We tend to work on the server itself on wednesdays and thursdays during day light hours central time so most people would be at work or school at that time. We encourage RP, are planning lots of live events and encourage you to stop by. 2593 ServUO
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    Have Hands Shard
    Custom (Modern)
    Description Host Port Emulator
    -The Shard is fully customized!

    -The Map is much smaller than the original (about 30%), PVP can happen anywhere!

    -At the first access get a SkillBox where you can choose your template from the menu bringing 7 skills to 120 for a total cap of 840 points.

    -The stat you can bring them to the maximum immediately, each character will receive in his bank a sufficient number of Stat Boxes to select the stats to create his own template.
    Single Stat Cap 125
    Total Stats Cap 250

    -In addition you get all the Spellbooks already completed and the Cinture Of God (100% LRC - Night Sight).

    -On the Shard there is an Auction System that allows you to sell or buy items that any player in the world will decide to put up for sale, this system is a great revolution because it makes the classic vendors obsolete and allows you to browse all the items through a convenient menu.

    -A TimeCoin earning system is also active, which are earned for every minute online, with these Time coins it is possible to buy Special Rewards.

    -A Bank Check
    worth 50,000 gold coins.

    All players will be equal there will be no rare items that will help defeat the opponent, the only difference will be the use of their hands! ABSOLUTELY NO PAYMENT TO WIN !!!

    Do you have hands? 2593 ServUO
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    Age of Shadows
    Description Host Port Emulator
    High gains - Travel books, loot system, Item level system, Evos, gold ledger system, tons of custom creatures and dungeons. Custom colors (optional) MAX ALL SKILLS - Gearable hirelings 2595 RunUO

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